Our Products and Services

Intelligent solutions for a secure and simple Internet

We build high-quality, affordable digital applications for businesses and users. All apps have one thing in common: They are easy to use and quickly solve problems without misuse of data. A completely new service experience.

&I meeting room

For companies who want to make their conference rooms agile.

&I meeting room finds the suitable spaces and hosts meetings with just a few clicks. &I meeting room is a digital solution that saves money and guarantees full support.

&I‘m hungry

For everybody who wants to order their favourite food in the easiest possible way.

A delivery service app using user-specific pre-settings to order the favorite pizza – no need to lose time or pay with data.

&I flatmanager

For property companies overwhelmed with the task of tenant management.

&I flatmanager is an affordable and user-friendly solution that allows tenants to self-manage their flats and apartments.

More coming soon

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