Our Mission

We care about users!

We create digital solutions, which focus on people and their needs and problems. Where problems are solved at full speed. And things are thought through to the end. Always ensuring the highest degree of data security.

Own your data!

Data from Internet users – mostly hidden and indirect – earns billions worldwide. We want to stop the mindless spread of data and correct the transaction deal called “data for money”: Users shall decide for themselves what happens with their data. Whoever benefits, should pay. Money flows to the person who is entitled to it. Our goal is a World Wide Web in which everybody can determine the use of their data. Unconditional!

This is why we are members of MyData Global.

Make it simple

The market is being swamped by digital products which want to make life easier for users. Quite often, the opposite is the case: Apps are getting more and more complex and therefore trickier to handle. We are working on solutions that solve user problems and needs as quickly as possible. Technology shall serve people, not the other way round. So clear, so simple!

Forget it!

Currently, every person leaves indestructible footprints behind when using the Internet, willingly or unwillingly: “The Internet never forgets!” Once on the Web, data starts a life of its own, with sometimes fatal consequences on lives and resumes. We want the Internet to forget and we want control over data back in the hands of the owners. No ifs, no buts!

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