Our Team

With concentrated strength and outstanding expertise, we are committed to the success of our vision.

Michael Frautz,
founder and managing director of Windeit Software GmbH

Michael Frautz is the visionary head of our company. With a lot of passion and diligence, he constantly works on the further development of the business areas and the orientation of the corporate strategy.

Mission: To bring all parts together and make Trusc a long-term successful company.
Vision: To create digital solutions that focus on people and their needs and redress the relationship between consumers and providers.

Find out more about Michael Frautz. ( Interview about his background, values and visions)

Uwe Twachtmann – Managing Director

As our “navigator”, Uwe ensures the strategic orientation. As the helmsman, he is in control of the daily business operations. As a business economist, controller and business coach he has led or advised medium-sized companies for over 20 years. He is responsible for finance, personnel and organizational development.

Mission: Establish viable corporate structures
Special skills: Capable of abstraction, analytical, decisive
Knowhow: Accounting, controlling, business coaching

Thomas Weiß – Director IT

Thomas Weiß is the “Nerd Master” in our company. He and his team face new technical challenges every day. True to the motto “what doesn’t fit is made to fit”, he heads the SAP and IT Operations and Development departments.

Mission: Making the vision of a data secure and user-centred network tangible and bringing it to life.
Special Skills: Analytical, creative, resilient
Knowhow: Software development – from devs to ops with a tendency towards open source and free software, private cloud and self-hosting, IT and project management.

Birgit Voll – Director Customers & Communications

As a business graduate with extensive experience in marketing and customer management, Birgit takes care of everything relating to marketing, sales, acquisition and service at TRUSC. She represents the customer view in the management team and provides important impulses for the strategic direction of the company.

Mission: The successful marketing of the TRUSC idea and the products
Special Skills: Analytical, strategic, results-orientated
Knowhow: Development of brand strategies, concept and product development, online marketing

Steven Wilkinson

Steven’s contribution to the company is his expertise from the world of finance and the development of value-based organizations. With his intuition for relevant issues and their capitalization, he is the mainstay in the development of a successful business model.

Mission: On behalf of TRUSC, to carry the issue of data justice into the wider world and represent it there.
Vision: An Internet that guarantees the freedom and self-determination of each and every individual.

Interview with Steven Wilkinson